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How National Nutrition Month and Your Smile Are Connected

Healthy SmileBRANSON, MO- What you feed your body plays a major role in your overall health. That’s obvious. Here’s what many people don’t realize- teeth and gums rely on a wholesome diet filled with vitamins and minerals, too.

March is National Nutrition Month. Have you eaten enough veggies lately? If not, the proof may be in your mouth. A lack of essential vitamins and minerals will adversely affect your dental wellbeing.

“Vitamin deficiencies can be evidenced in peculiar changes in oral tissues and dental health conditions,” says Dr. Kelly Barnett, one of our experienced Branson area dentists.


Can You Catch A Cavity? Research Says “Yes”

cosmetic dentistrySPRINGFIELD, MO- We’re at the tail end of cold and flu season, but there’s another health threat making its rounds. According to multiple studies, cavities are contagious.

Just when you thought your toothbrush was enough to protect you from tooth decay, research suggests that cavity-causing bacteria is can be spread from person to person, just like a cold.

“Many people view cavities simply as a product of too many sweets or poor hygiene, but tooth decay is a serious infectious disease,” says Dr. Marc Barnett, a dentist in Springfield, Missouri.


Why Your Gums Want You to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Healthy SmileOZARK, MO- Have you drifted from your New Year’s resolution to be more active and eat better? If so, here’s a little extra motivation to meet your goals: a healthy lifestyle can boost gum health.”

“Oral health isn’t isolated from the rest of the body,” says Ozark family dentist Dr. Nick Matthews. “Diet and exercise has a positive impact on your gums and well as your general health.”

A study published in the Journal of Periodontology observed the impact an active, healthy lifestyle can have on gum health. Researchers from the Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine discovered it may prevent gum disease.


Step Aside, Cupid. February is National Children’s Dental Health Month

Children’s Dental HealthNIXA, MO- We love Valentines Day, but there’s another big February occasion to celebrate. Did you know it’s National Children’s Dental Health Month? We encourage parents to make oral hygiene a family priority for the short and long term dental health of their children.

“Good dental health is vital at any age, but having a good foundation of proper at-home and professional care as a child is invaluable,” says Nixa dentist Dr. Marc Barnett. “Kids who are cognizant about the importance of dental health are more likely to have strong teeth and gums and fewer dental problems in adulthood.”


We Have a New Name

Springfield, MO – Barnett-Davis Dental Group now has a new name! We’d like to introduce Excel Dental – providing the same level of exceptional care by the same outstanding Ozark dentists. So if nothing else has changed, why change the name? Simple, we wanted our name to better reflect our care philosophy – that optimum oral health begins with dental care excellence.

“For many years, our practice has worked very hard to set ourselves apart as the area’s best family dentistry practice,” says Dr. Tracy Davis. “Not only does our expertise reflect that, but our compassion and commitment to cutting edge technology does, as well.”


Springfield Business Journal Saluted Dr. Kelly Barnett As “Health Care Champion”

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI-In October, our very own Dr. Kelly Barnett was recognized as a Health Care Champion by the Springfield Business Journal, which gives out awards each year to recognize the accomplishments of local health professionals.

“Being the winner of this prestigious award is a huge honor for me,” says Dr. Barnett, who has practiced family dentistry since 1984. “It’s been my privilege to dedicate my energy and enthusiasm to benefit the dental profession, the people we serve and the communities in which we live.”


Why You Need to Establish a Dental Home for Your Children

Springfield, Missouri – Establishing a dental home for your family should be as important as finding the right pediatrician for your children. Encouraging children to care for their teeth is crucial not only for their oral health, but could have implications on their overall health later in life.

“We recommend that children begin their dental visits by age 1,” says Dr. Kelly Barnett, of Barnett-Davis Dental Group in Ozark. “At this exam, the child will sit on the parent’s lap while we just do a visual exam of their mouth and teeth. Even if children don’t yet have teeth, it is still important to visit the dentist early because we can look for any possible development abnormalities.”


Ways Dentists Can Help Patient Overcome Dental Fear

Springfield, Missouri – We may joke around about it, but for many people, dentophobia or fear of the dentist, is very real. But don’t let that fear keep you from properly maintaining your teeth and gums.

“There are many reasons why patients may be afraid of visiting a dentist,” says Dr. Nick Matthews, part of Barnett-Davis Dental Group, a dental group serving the Ozark area. “For adults, previous negative experiences can affect how they view future encounters. Perhaps previous dental treatment resulted in excess pain. Or maybe the patient already suffers from an anxiety disorder, so a visit to the dentist just heightens their apprehension.”


Barnett-Davis Dental Group Always Accepting New Patients

Springfield, Missouri – Finding a dental home is an important step in taking care of our overall health, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. It can be difficult to find the perfect place where you and your family all feel comfortable and that your dental needs are all being met. But many patients have discovered the exceptional care offered by Barnett-Davis Dental Group and are excited to share their wonderful experiences. And the good news for you is that they are always accepting new patients.

“Our family dentistry practice offers a host of services for patients of all ages,” says Dr. Marc Barnett, who regularly treats patients in the Ozark area. “But perhaps even more important than that is our dedication to providing you and your family with a positive dental experience. Our staff is compassionate and attentive, and each member is dedicated to providing only the highest level of care.”


It’s Not Too Late to Brighten Those Smiles for the Holidays

Springfield, Missouri – This holiday season, don’t let the lights on your tree outshine your smile. The cosmetic dentists at Barnett-Davis Dental Group in Ozark have the perfect options to keep you smiling merrily all season long.

“It’s not uncommon for patients to complain of stained or discolored teeth,” says Dr. Marc Barnett, who has been a dentist in the Ozark area since 1984. “We have the perfect solution for our patients this holiday season. The KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System provides incredible results that our patients love.”